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Printer modifications

Will change your idea of construction printers
There are 3 modifications of the S300 printer available in the AMT line


Printer dimensions: 14000x14000x6300 mm
Print area: 11000x11000x4000 mm


Printer dimensions: 14000x14000x9000 mm
Print area: 11000x11000x7000 mm


Printer dimensions: 19000x14000x9000 mm
Print area: 17000x11000x7000 mm

General information

  • Equipment
    Printer, laptop, licensed software kit, control cabinet, passport, operating manual in Russian, non-returnable transport package, high-pressure washer, automated preparation and feeding station
  • 12 months
    Support during the warranty period
  • 2 people
    Two people can operate the equipment
  • 30%
    Cost reduction up to 30%
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